Mini Draco SBR (Complete Build)

Quick look at the Mini-Draco Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) build
All the parts are on, nothing left to do but paint it

“Melting Pot” AK:
Romanian Mini Draco
USA Stock & Handguards
Chinese Optic
Bulgarian 40rd Mag
Yugo Ammo

Building this Mini AK47 (SBR) Short Barrel Rifle

Using an Ace Stock and Midwest Industries Railed Handguard along with other parts to make this pistol into a version of a ‘budget krink’ legally

This is NOT an AKS-47U,
this is NOT a Krink,
this is NOT an AKS-74U
this is NOT an AK74U (which is fake video game nonsense)
or any other version of a short AK47

This IS a hybrid creation, a Mini Draco AK47 SBR (Short Barrel Rifle)

This is an AK Pistol, Called a Mini Draco, made in Romania, shipped to the US as a pistol. It was bought as a pistol, then the paperwork and fee ($200) was paid to the NFA branch of the ATF (BATFE) to legally convert the pistol into a short rifle (Barrel less than 16 inches, and overall length shorter than 26 inches) to create a NEW hybrid of AK from this Mini Draco. There are NO licenses for this rifle, nor the conversion. Instead a tax is paid, forms are filled out, and a tax stamp is issued for the conversion. The tax stamp does NOT apply to any other builds or conversions, it is NOT a license to own “class3″ firearms

17:40 – Shoutout to TheHossUSMC

AK47 Buyers Guide

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