Pistol to Rifle Conversion

The NFA can be confusing, but one of things not regulated in creating a rifle out of a pistol. There are several pistols worth looking into to turn in rifles. There are AR-15 pistols, AK-47 pistols, Glocks, and many others including new ones coming on the market even today.

What can be confusing is what is the difference between a rifle, a short barreled rifle (SBR), or any other weapon (AOW). A rifle is a firearm that came from the manufacturer with a butt stock and at least a 16in barrel. An SBR is the same, but has a barrel under 16in and is controlled by the BATFE which requires a tax stamp. An AOW is also controlled by the BATFE and requires a tax stamp and is a catch all category to include things like a pistol that uses a forward grip, pen guns, cane guns, etc.

We will be focusing on the pistol to rifle conversion today and I will be using a Draco AK-47 pistol as an example because I am currently working on this as a project. Converting a Draco pistol to an SBR is as easy as apply for a tax stamp and then slapping a butt stock on the end once it is approved. From there you can change it up pretty much however you want.

When turning a pistol into a rifle you have many more options to attain the 16in barrel. The easiest thing to do is get a muzzle device that is the length needed to measure 16 inches from the bolt face to the end of the device when mounted. This can be accomplished by several different means. Short barrel extensions can be purchased to lengthen the barrel for your muzzle device desired, or even extended muzzle devices can sometimes be purchased. You can also purchase a fake, or real, sound suppressor and use that. The key to useing any of these devices is that it is “permanently attached” This is where it becomes a little bit of a gray area. Most people get away with a tack weld, and some weld the whole device on. In my, non- legal opinion, I would use the tack weld.

When dealing with NFA type things it is good to ask around with credible people about info to help you out as being caught with an illegal firearm can be rough on your pocket book and can land you in prison for a long time. Don’t be afraid of it though. Just be sure to know the laws!

Building an AR-15 SBR on a Budget: Part 1 – Paperwork

This is chronicling the build of an NFA Regulated firearm in the State of Arizona. This is not intended to be a “How To” guide. Consult all federal, state and local laws before getting involved with any NFA regulated firearm or device.

This will be the first in a long series of posts about building an AR-15 SBR.  The first step is filling out the required paperwork for the BATFE and the Sheriff’s Office.  If one has a Legal Trust, then it is exempt from the Sheriff sign off.

This build will be on the ATF Form 1, the Application to Make and Register a firearm.  Two copies of everything will be needed.  The form 1, along with a fingerprint card and Certification of Compliance (Certification of Citizenship) and a passport size photo.  On top of that a check for $200 for the Tax Stamp.


Before Mailing everything to the ATF, the County Sheriff must sign off on the paperwork.  This can take up to 30 days.

Once sent to the ATF, the current average for processing is about 6 months.  Hopefully this will speed up.

For now my AR-15 SBR is just a lower receiver and a bunch of paperwork.  In time it will become an  Mk18 mod 0 clone.

Building a Rifle: Making a Checklist.

I recently decided to build another AR-15 on a tight budget. This time though, I will be doing a 10.5″ SBR, specifically a Mk18 Mod 0 Clone. Look forward to a series of posts on the steps of my build including my paperwork, but that I will save for the series.

I find that if one wants to build a rifle, specifically an AR-15 platform rifle, that making a checklist of parts creates not only goals to accomplish, but also not forgetting any key components. Adding up the cost also drives the need to meet those goals and develop a timeline for completion. My timeline for completion is 5 months. The parts listed below are not only the ones that I will use, but the cost of them per the current market.

Lets take my newest undertaking. My first goal is the lower receiver. Here are the key components and costs. Being that I am building an SBR and required to register it with the BATFE and pay a $200 tax stamp, those costs will be included.

[X]Tax stamp: $200

[X] Lower Reciever: $100

[ ] Daniel Defense Lower Parts Kit: $90

[ ] Noveske QD Endplate: $30

[ ] TangoDown BG17: $37

[ ] Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit w/ H-buffer: $70

[ ] Vltor IMod Stock: $95

Next is the upper receiver. Keep in mind this a complete rifle minus optics and a light.

[ ] LMT 10.5″ Upper reciever: $485

[ ] LMT Bolt Carrier Group: $135

[X] Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS II FSP: $343

[ ] Daniel Defense Fixed Rear Sight: $65

[ ] BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle: $45

[ ] TangoDown Scar Rail Panels x3: $42

[ ] Gear Sector QD Swivel Mount: $39

[ ] Magpul RVG: $25

[ ] Surefire FA556-212 Flash Hider: $130

[ ] Vtac MkII Sling: $41

The “X”‘s indicate pieces already paid for. It also sets the tone for expenses to cover each month. As it looks right now, completing the lower will be the next step towards the complete rifle. As stated before, look forward to an complete series of building a top quality SBR or standard rifle step by step while on a tight budget.

Example Pic of Upper:


Oregon Gun Laws

I seem to often see same questions pertaining to lawful carry here or there. I suggest everyone bookmark this page http://www.oregonlaws.org/ . All you have to do is type in a few words into the search and you are ready to rock. That being said I will now post all the laws, that I can find pertaining to guns. I will post short description so you don’t get critted with a wall of text. Remember if it’s not specifically restricted then it’s legal. Keep in mind these are summaries and could have left out important details that could pertain to you.

OC banned cities
CHL holders are exempt

166.170 State Preemption
The state has express authority to restrict gun use, carry, transfers, etc..

166.173 City, County, etc. right to restrict firearms in a public building.
These lesser forms of gov can restrict the possession of loaded firearms. CHL holders are exempt.

166.250 Unlawful Possession
If your a minor, felon, legally crazy, carrying concealed it’s a felony. For minors this doesn’t include legally transferred long guns or temporarily loaned to him/her. read more for specifics about vehicles and more.

166.292 Issuing a CHL
The Sheriffs Dept shall issue, as a licensed individual you shall have it on you while carrying concealed.

166.350 Unlawful possession ammo
Don’t use armor piercing ammo in the commission of a felony

166.663 Artificial light from a vehicle.
Basically your not allowed to shine spotlights from you car if you have a gun inside. CHL holders are exempt. If the gun is stored or ammo separate then it’s ok.

166.370 Possession in a public building
Don’t carry a loaded  firearm IN a public BUILDING unless you have a CHL or a desire to become a resident of the state prison system.

166.380 Examination of firearm
A police officer can examine your firearm to determine if it is loaded while in a public building. (Pointless law IMO)

166.190 “Brandishing”
You can’t point a weapon at anyone else except for self defense.

164.265 Trespassing
If you are asked to leave a private business then leave

There are other gun laws that may pertain to you. Most of them are about how to renew a license or transfer firearms across state lines. I encourage anyone who owns a gun to know all these laws or possibly carry a copy in your vehicle or on your person.

I HIGHLY suggest everyone gets a CHL for the sole purpose of the exemptions it gives you. I also suggest you get Utah’s non-resident CHL as well. Utah has reciprocity agreements with 31 other states including Washington State. You also get to carry concealed if the situation calls for it. i.e a SPEC OP to grandma’s house to get a taste of her new pie recipe.

Common mis-perceptions
There are NO LAWS in Oregon restricting carrying a gun loaded or unloaded if you have a CHL. Your gun should be loaded or it’s an expensive club. Some cities may have restrictions check the above thread on banned cities.

There is no such thing in Oregon as an illegal gun.
Some guns are regulated by the Federal government. These are:
1. Machine guns- you pull the trigger once and bullets keep coming
2. SBR- (short barreled rifles) has a stock from the factory, barrel under 16″
3. SBS- (short barreled shotguns) has a stock from the factory, barrels under 18″
4. DD- (destructive device) Anything that goes boom or shoots something that goes boom
5.AOW- (any other weapon) Anything else that can shoot a projectile from a powder actuated system. This includes shotguns that come with a pistol grip from the factory under 18″
6. Silencers

All of these require a 200 dollar tax stamp from the ATF with the exception of the AOW which requires a 5 dollar tax. You have to submit a form to the ATF with the cash and they will do a back round check on you and then send you the stamp. You will most likely be required to pay for the weapon before you apply for the stamp because the seller will have to hold it off the market while your approved. It behooves you then to ensure that you will pass a back round check from the ATF. Finding out if you will is up to you.

Other Facts
Oddly enough rifle caliber weapons without a stock from the factory are considered a pistol and need no special tax stamp.

You can build your own SBRs, SBS, AOW, DD and silencers with an ATF form.

Ronald Regan implemented a ban on machine guns made after 1986. If someone can explain how machine guns made after 1986 are more deadly than ones before you would be king of the world.

You can request a back round check on someone you are selling a gun to privately. If you do I will promptly kick you in the nuts. It’s none of their damn business what we do with our property.

Just because you have CHL doesn’t mean you have to conceal it. Including in public buildings.

Oregon has no reciprocal concealed weapons license agreements with other states. Meaning we do not honor other states CHLs

The 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act, the one that banned new machine guns, also allows you free passage through states with more restrictive gun laws than your own and the one you are traveling to. Your weapons just have to be locked up.

Interactive map for CCW reciprocity laws

I may have missed something but that pretty much covers it. I’ll edit if someone comes up with one that seems important to be listed. Again this is not a comprehensive list of Oregon gun laws, just the most important. It is up to you to ensure you are in compliance with local city, county laws. Some cities have banned OC without a CHL.

Know your rights, and NEVER talk to police who are questioning you. Get a lawyer!

Other interesting  laws

ORS 401.198 Seizure of firearms during a state of emergency.
Basically says that the authorities cannot take your guns during a state of emergency, and if they due they will have to pay any costs, to you, to get your guns back from them.

What are NFA Weapons? Class 3 / Title II

We talk about What NFA weapons are and how they are defined

Class 3 / Title II / NFA Weapons

NFA Defined & Regulated Firearm (PDF Worksheet)

National Firearms Act (“NFA”)
1:27 What is the NFA
2:13 What are NFA Firearms
2:59 Machine guns
5:38 Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)
6:15 Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)
6:32 Suppressors
6:41 Destructive Devices (DD)
8:42 Any Other Weapons (AOW)
10:34 How can one legally acquire NFA firearms
13:22 What is a Class III License
13:55 Where Are NFA Firearms Legal
15:20 How much do NFA Firearms Cost

National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA)
Altered by Title II of the Gun Control Act ( GCA ) of 1968
Altered by Firearm Owners Protection Act of 198
Class 3 weapons

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