Building a Rifle: Making a Checklist.

I recently decided to build another AR-15 on a tight budget. This time though, I will be doing a 10.5″ SBR, specifically a Mk18 Mod 0 Clone. Look forward to a series of posts on the steps of my build including my paperwork, but that I will save for the series.

I find that if one wants to build a rifle, specifically an AR-15 platform rifle, that making a checklist of parts creates not only goals to accomplish, but also not forgetting any key components. Adding up the cost also drives the need to meet those goals and develop a timeline for completion. My timeline for completion is 5 months. The parts listed below are not only the ones that I will use, but the cost of them per the current market.

Lets take my newest undertaking. My first goal is the lower receiver. Here are the key components and costs. Being that I am building an SBR and required to register it with the BATFE and pay a $200 tax stamp, those costs will be included.

[X]Tax stamp: $200

[X] Lower Reciever: $100

[ ] Daniel Defense Lower Parts Kit: $90

[ ] Noveske QD Endplate: $30

[ ] TangoDown BG17: $37

[ ] Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit w/ H-buffer: $70

[ ] Vltor IMod Stock: $95

Next is the upper receiver. Keep in mind this a complete rifle minus optics and a light.

[ ] LMT 10.5″ Upper reciever: $485

[ ] LMT Bolt Carrier Group: $135

[X] Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS II FSP: $343

[ ] Daniel Defense Fixed Rear Sight: $65

[ ] BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle: $45

[ ] TangoDown Scar Rail Panels x3: $42

[ ] Gear Sector QD Swivel Mount: $39

[ ] Magpul RVG: $25

[ ] Surefire FA556-212 Flash Hider: $130

[ ] Vtac MkII Sling: $41

The “X”‘s indicate pieces already paid for. It also sets the tone for expenses to cover each month. As it looks right now, completing the lower will be the next step towards the complete rifle. As stated before, look forward to an complete series of building a top quality SBR or standard rifle step by step while on a tight budget.

Example Pic of Upper:


Photos; SCAR-L (5.56x45mm NATO)

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle

Parts Include:

Geissle Super SCAR Trigger
Tango Down BG-16 (required custom MOD)
Mesa Tactical rear QD Sling attachment for Rem870 in rear & parts from
ACE Hardware (custom Datamaggot design)
VTAC Low Profile Sling Attachment in front
Magpul AFG and XTM Rail Covers
Surefire G2LED light with XM07 Tailcap
VTAC Light mount
Surefire SR07 Switch
Aimpoint 3X Magnifier with LaRue Tactical QD Pivot Mount
Aimpoint Micro T-1 4MOA/M4 QD Mount Larue
VTAC Padded Sling
PMag Black (thanks to bubba)
Tornado Technologies Barrel Threadding:
FN SCAR 16S / MK 16 CQC SBR package (threaded 1/2-28). Includes
shortening barrel to 10″, threading, engraving & gas port modification
SureFire FH556-212A Flash Hider
FA556-212 Suppressor
Ammunition: PMC XTAC 62 Grain Green Tip

SBR 5.56 SCAR w/ Suppressor

Night Shoot: SCAR SBR (5.56×45)

ACR vs SCAR part 1 of 3

ACR vs SCAR part 2 of 3

ACR vs SCAR part 3 of 3

Shooting a SCAR w/ Suppressor

FN SCAR: First Look

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Shooting the Colt CM901 Modular .308, 5.56×45, 7.62×39, 6.8 AR15

CM901 (Colt Modular 901)
Features ambidextrous controls for the bolt release mechanism, magazine release, and fire selector/safety lever

The CM901 will accept many / most AR upper receiver assemblies

Can accommodate many types of ammunition including:
5.56x45mm NATO
6.8x43mm SPC
7.62x51mm NATO

Colt plans to release a semi-auto model called the SP901 in late 2011

CM901 is unlocked from the beginning of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 game as confirmed by a leaked list of s coming to MW3

This video was filmed at SHOT Show 2011, Media Day at the Range. with the Colt staff
This video has been re-edited to include almost a full minute of additional footage than out original post in Jan, 2011

Colt CM901 Modular Battle Rifle

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Shooting 10.5″ Suppressed AR15; LMT / DPMS / Surefire

We take a quick look at (and shoot) a 10.5″ Suppressed AR15

Parts include:

LMT 10.5″ Barrel
LMT Upper
LaRue 7″ Quad Rail
DPMS Lower Receiver
Surefire Suppressor
Magpul BAD
LMT Ambi Safety
E2DL Surefire (V-Tac Edition)
Tango Down Stubby Vert Gip
Tango Down BG-16
H-1 Buffer
Geissele SSA Trigger
Magpul BAD Lever
Magpul Trigger Guard
Surefire 212 Muzzle Device
Surefire FA556 Suppressor
Surefire 60 round Magazine
Aimpoint Comp C3 w/ LaRue Mount
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle
Troy Rear Flip Up BUIS

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5.56 SCAR w/ Suppressor

We take a first look at this Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) 5.56 FN SCAR w/ Surefire Mini 5.56 Suppressor


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