Building a Mini AK47 (SBR) Short Barrel Rifle

We walk through the parts, paperwork and assembly of a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) from a Mini Draco AK47 pistol.

Using an Ace Stock and Midwest Industries Railed Handguard along with other parts to make this pistol into a version of a ‘budget krink’ legally

This is NOT an AKS-47U,
this is NOT a Krink,
this is NOT an AKS-74U
this is NOT an AK74U (which is fake video game nonsense)
or any other version of a short AK47

This IS a hybrid creation, a Mini Draco AK47 SBR (Short Barrel Rifle)

This is an AK Pistol, Called a Mini Draco, made in Romania, shipped to the US as a pistol. It was bought as a pistol, then the paperwork and fee ($200) was paid to the NFA branch of the ATF (BATFE) to legally convert the pistol into a short rifle (Barrel less than 16 inches, and overall length shorter than 26 inches) to create a NEW hybrid of AK from this Mini Draco. There are NO licenses for this rifle, nor the conversion. Instead a tax is paid, forms are filled out, and a tax stamp is issued for the conversion. The tax stamp does NOT apply to any other builds or conversions, it is NOT a license to own “class3″ firearms

17:40 – Shoutout to TheHossUSMC

AK47 Buyers Guide

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