AK47 Operational (Spy / KGB) Briefcase: Firing Line

We visited Mike from The Firing Line, just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma in Oct

He showed us an Operational Briefcase; a “Russian KGB” Briefcase for an AK-47SU (Krink; Short AK-47)
The Operational Briefcase allows the operator to carry the AK securely in any situation without looking like a gun.
When needed the operator instantly has access to the firearm in a shooting condition

“Would making a case similar to this fall under the NFA?” (lafleurj9)
No, as long as it is not on the gun when it fires
IF the AK was inside and the looked like a briefcase when it fired.. then it would be an AOW (Amy other Weapon) and would need to be registered

These are very rare and it was a treat to see one in action

The FIRING LINE is a Class II Manufacturer and a Type 07 Manufacturer of Milled AK47 Receivers
They can handle all of your AK47 build needs from A to Z. The Firing Line does custom rifle building on your rifle or receiver, and will work on any full auto or semi-auto military rifles

Mike shows us the models (types) of Milled (not Stamped) AK47 receivers they make and then shows us some of the AK47 rifle builds he has mad recently including a Bulgarian ‘Krink’ made from a transferable Chinese receiver and Bulgarian parts

Welcome to the Firing Line

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